IBM PHP Tutorials

If you are a beginner or at intermediate stage, you may have a look at those amazing tutorials by IBM

IBM PHP Tutorials

The Joy of Coding / Trisha Gee

I’m on a plane (there’s a surprise) on my way back from The Joy of Coding. It’s the title that attracted me to this conference, and it was a great little one day event with awesome people like Dan North, Erik Meijer and Dick Wall presenting. What I liked about the themes is they were broadly technology agnostic, pulling back to a level which made me remember why I’m a developer.

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PHP Coding: The Basics

This article is meant for beginners and experts alike. I hope everyone would like it.
Comparison operators

Comparison operators are an often overlooked aspect of PHP, which can lead to many unexpected outcomes. One such problem stems from strict comparisons (the comparison of booleans as integers).

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Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years / Peter Norvig

Walk into any bookstore, and you’ll see how to Teach Yourself Java in 7 Days alongside endless variations offering to teach Visual Basic, Windows, the Internet, and so on in a few days or hours.
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Generating IDs like Youtube or using PHP / Junior Grossi

Generating IDs like Youtube or using PHP

Let’s supose you want to develop your own URL shortener, like for example.

You can, of course, use the ID as a integer, like, 1, 2, 3, etc. If you have 12.345 rows in your database table, you will need 5 digits, like Large applications like Youtube, have much more entries, so, to use numbers, the URL will be very long, like

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Sessions and Caching in WordPress : Advanced Approach

Life of a Web Page
By Sanjib Sinha

HTTP is stateless protocol. What that means? When you view a web page, it is a dead product. You requested a page from the server, it produced it and forgot about you. It won’t remember you until and unless you again send a request. That is the primary mechanism of Internet.
Here comes the concept of state management caching. Why is state management such a difficult problem that it requires an entire chapter in a book on WordPress programming? In the old days (about 15 years ago), standard client-server architecture was used. It meant using a fat client and a fat server. Now the scenario changed drastically.
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WordPress for Intermediate stage

Had you read the first part of ‘In the World of WordPress’, you would
have already found that in WordPress it is much easier to create a web site or
blog graphically without a sigle line of code.
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WordPress for Beginner: Plugins

Fitting air conditioner to your car means you can travel with more comfort. Plugins to WordPress plays almost identical role.
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Adding Link or Embed video through Text Widgets

If you would like to embed any link, image or video through the text widget, the process is extremely simple.
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WordPress for Beginners: Tags

One of the most important features of your WordPress blog or web site is tags.
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